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How to Fix a Faulty Seagate, WD or any other External Hard Drive on Mac?

External Hard drives are used to save, back up or transfer many important files because they have large capacity and stable performance. However, external hard drives can inevitably stop working in a sudden. Some common symptoms of a failing external hard drive on Mac: The hard drive does not show up on Mac, especially not in the Finder or in the Disk Utility. Files are missing or changing sizes.The hard drive keeps connecting and disconnecting from the computer.The error message “The disk you inserted was not readable by this computer” pops up when the hard drive is attached.The hard...

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How to disable adverts in ColorOS for Realme phones

Starting the year off well, in a disappointing turn of events, Realme will introduce adverts within ColorOS 6 and above. Ironically, Realme mocked Xiaomi when they implement ads in MIUI back in 2018, which seems vaguely reminiscent of Google mocking Apple about removing the 3.5mm jack, but then doing it themselves the following year. While this is a frustrating decision, the reality is that Realme is likely to be selling phones at almost cost to make them the most affordable brand around. So this decision will help ensure the cost of the phones stays low. Thankfully Realme are making...

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A guide on how to install watchOS 6 on Apple Watch

During WWDC 2019 Apple announced that they are fragmenting their iOS into device specific variations. There will now be the normal iOS, iPadOS, tvOS and finally watchOS. watchOS 6 launches to the public in the autumn of 2019 (probably September) and introduces an app store on the watch itself. If you can't wait that long to try it out, you can get the beta now, though with it being a beta it can and will be buggy. Which watches support watchOS 6 All of them apart from the first generation, and to get the beta you will need a...

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