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Panasonic SC-BTX77 and BTX75 : Blu-Ray Home Cinema

Home Cinema is a big market now, I guess mainly due to the fact it’s so expensive to go to the cinema and with the development of HD video and sound it’s just as good to watch at home that it is to go out and spend a fortune on tickets and sweets. Panasonic have just revealed two new models of Blu-Ray home cinema kit, neither top end or indeed bottom end they certainly are pleasing to the eye and have a couple of nifty features.   Firstly what’s interesting is they are both 2.1 setups (incorporating 2 front speakers and a subwoofer) yet Panasonic say the sound output from them will sound pretty much like a 7.1 setup. How? Apparently it’s all due to the technology inside the speakers and their construction. Even the small subwoofer, which is on the small side in comparison to most Panasonic claims gives “powerful, reverberating bass”.   What’s great aesthetically pleasing is the design and use. The front of the unit has a sliding door which when opened allows the user to insert a disc or dock an iPod. When an iPod is docked, you can play any content from it onto your telly. Other features of both models are “High Precision 4:4:4 and PHL Chroma Processor Plus technology”. In English that basically means it boosts picture quality of your content. The...

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Onkyo TX-SR606 AV Receiver Coming Soon

Onkyo have recently released some of their new AV Amps including the TX-SR506E and the TX-SR576E. Both these units include 7.1 Surround Sound,1080P video switching with 3 HDMI inputs, Dolby Digital Plus encoded audio and a long list of other features to keep any Home Cinema fan happy. However they are also releasing the new TX-SR606 shortly with some online retailers already taking pre-orders. The 606 is a revamp of the award winning TX-SR605 but rather than just a little tweak here and there they seem to of made it the best AV amp ever when looking at the price and functionality. The TX-SR606 specs include: 7.1 receiver 1.3a HDMI Switching (4 IN, 1 OUT) Up-conversion of all video inputs to HDMI Up-scaling of all video inputs to 1080i 3 component inputs, 1 component output Bi-Amping Capability for Enhanced Musicality and Power 140 watts at 6 ohms Powered Zone 2 audio output Audyssey 2EQ room calibration Auto Setup, via plug- in mic 5 digital inputs (3 optical, 2 coaxial) Music optimizer for compressed music DTS-HD, DTS-HD Master Audio, Dolby digital plus and Dolby TrueHD decoders Dolby Pro Logic IIx, Dolby Digital and DTS decoders Dolby Digital EX and complete DTS-ES 24-bit/192 kHz DACs for all channels Onkyo have managed to pack in all the above functionality at a price of £399! Previously if you wanted upscaling on an Onkyo...

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