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FitBit Launches Ionic Smartwatch

We have been expecting Fitbit to launch their first smartwatch for a while now. They bought up the IP from Pebble late last year, at the same time fitness tracker sales have been declining for Fitbit. So releasing a smartwatch was an inevitable move. This week Fitbit finally announced their entry into the smartwatch market with the Fitbit Ionic. With the smartwatch market, itself not performing as well as some companies would have hoped it will be interesting to see if Fitbit can shake things up. The Ionic is built out of a lightweight aluminium case and boasts a...

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Azoi Kito+ Bio-sensing Health Monitor Review Score 70%

Azoi Kito+ Bio-sensing Health Monitor Review

Smart fitness trackers are all the rage right now, and they have been booming for a couple of years now, so it is no surprise that companies are trying to branch out into other areas of smart fitness and health related gadgets. Smart scales are already well established, and Withings already has a smart blood pressure monitor, so what next? Well Azoi Inc has one option for us and that’s the Kito+ bio-sensing health tracking iPhone case. I am not sure if that’s the official product description, but it is as close as I can guess. For the most...

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