Monarch 50 & 40 Indoor HDTV Antenna Review Score 90%

Monarch 50 & 40 Indoor HDTV Antenna Review

Indoor TV antennas are not the most exciting things but after renovating my house I had cut a couple of external antenna wires out that were making my mess of wires even worse. In general, I don’t watch much live TV so it wasn’t an issue, but after being offered the Monarch 50 and 40 to figured it would be nice to have the flexibility to still watch TV> My past dealings with internal antennas have been quite poor, and they always used to be ugly hard to place devices. Well, it seems this has changed in recent years....

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Samsung UE55H6400 55″ LED TV Review Score 90%

Samsung UE55H6400 55″ LED TV Review

It could be argued that now is not the best time to buy a TV, but I needed one and my requirments were relatively simple, I wanted a large 55″+ TV for less than £1k. Ideally I wanted 60″ or 4k but these too requirements appear to be unreasonably based on my budget. After researching for a while I settled on the UE55H6400. As with many Samsung TVs at the moment the  UE55H6400 is 3D-compatible, uses a quad core chips, comes with  S Recommendation with Voice Interaction which let you discover more of the TV you love by suggesting...

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LG Announces New TVs With Direct Internet Access

With the rife competition in the HDTV market it is good to see companies like LG trying to come up with innovative ideas to help improve market share. Shortly after announcing a blu-ray player with the ability to play YouTube videos and receive on demand content they have announced a new TV that will have access to the Internet. Specifically this will be used to access to services such as NetFlix, but could include any other number of on-demand sites and hopefully, YouTube and free access to browse and stream as you see fit. There's no release date confirmed for the new screens, dubbed ‘Broadband HDTVs', but they are expected to command a premium of around £200 over conventional...

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