Dell G5 15 Gaming Laptop Review with GTX 1060 & i5-8300H

Alienware may be the brand that is synonymous with gaming laptops but not all of us can afford one, so Dell has introduced the Grange of laptops that reduce the cost of entry for gaming laptops while retaining the superb design and build quality found on other Dell and Alienware laptops. The range includes the … Read more

ASRock Radeon RX 580 Phantom Gaming X First Look

ASRock has been hugely successful in recent years with their motherboards, they have gone from a minor manufacturer to producing some of the best boards on the market across platforms while being competitively priced. They are now entering the graphics card market, and they have opted for the Radeon RX 580 as their first custom … Read more

New Budget Gaming Dell G3, G5 & G7 Laptops Launched – i7-8750HQ – GTX 1060 Max-Q

If your budget can’t stretch to the flagship Alienware laptops and you want something with more gaming power than the new Dell XPS 15, then the Dell G range could be the perfect option. This is a new range of laptops from Dell aimed at more affordable portable gaming. The range includes 4 new laptops … Read more

AMD Radeon RX 480 now available from £174

The long awaited AMD Radeon RX 480 is finally here, and the prices are not bad considering the state of the pound. We have found the 4GB version available for £174 on with the 8GB version coming in at around £220 on Ebuyer/Amazon/Overclockers. Initial reviews have been conservative, but the general opinion is that … Read more