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I’m here at the Toshiba seminar entitled ‘Take a closer look’. When I return I will be giving you lucky people an insight into the latest technical goodies that they have on offer. I have to admit that there are some delightful little gems on offer and have some photos to prove it. It’s a … Read more

Onkyo TX-SR606 AV Receiver Coming Soon

OnkyoTXSR606Remote Onkyo have recently released some of their new AV Amps including the TX-SR506E and the TX-SR576E. Both these units include 7.1 Surround Sound,1080P video switching with 3 HDMI inputs, Dolby Digital Plus encoded audio and a long list of other features to keep any Home Cinema fan happy.

However they are also releasing the new TX-SR606 shortly with some online retailers already taking pre-orders. The 606 is a revamp of the award winning TX-SR605 but rather than just a little tweak here and there they seem to of made it the best AV amp ever when looking at the price and functionality.

The TX-SR606 specs include:

  • 7.1 receiver
  • 1.3a HDMI Switching (4 IN, 1 OUT)
  • Up-conversion of all video inputs to HDMI
  • Up-scaling of all video inputs to 1080i
  • 3 component inputs, 1 component output
  • Bi-Amping Capability for Enhanced Musicality and Power
  • 140 watts at 6 ohms
  • Powered Zone 2 audio output
  • Audyssey 2EQ room calibration
  • Auto Setup, via plug- in mic
  • 5 digital inputs (3 optical, 2 coaxial)
  • Music optimizer for compressed music
  • DTS-HD, DTS-HD Master Audio, Dolby digital plus and Dolby TrueHD decoders
  • Dolby Pro Logic IIx, Dolby Digital and DTS decoders
  • Dolby Digital EX and complete DTS-ES
  • 24-bit/192 kHz DACs for all channels

Onkyo have managed to pack in all the above functionality at a price of £399! Previously if you wanted upscaling on an Onkyo you had to go with their TX-SR875 model or higher with the 875 costing £999. Granted the 875 upscaled to 1080p however at a price difference of £600 I will live without it. Another big improvement over the 605 is that they have increased the HDMI inputs from 2 to 4 which should handle all your HDs sources and some.

If you need any other inputs/outputs the unit also has:

  • 4 S-Video Inputs and 2 Outputs
  • 5 A/V Inputs and 1 Output
  • 2 Audio Inputs and 1 Output

Overall it seems almost too good to be true. From what I have read on Onkyo I have heard they run very hot and they are also very large (the 606 is WHD: 435 x 174.3 x 374.7 mm and 11.6 kg) but if you are looking for a midrange AV system I doubt this will be beaten easily.

Some pictures after the jump.

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$80 Brown Factory Refurbished Zune

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