DDR4 Prices have crashed. What are the best deals right now?

DDR4 Prices started to rise sharply in the middle of 2016 nearly tripling in price when they peaked at the around January 2018. Since then they have been declining, first slowly, but more recently there have been some significant savings to be had. One example is the Corsair Vengeance LPX 16 GB (2 x 8 … Read more

SSD prices to decrease by 10% in Q1 2019

Things are starting to look more positive for PC gamers as we enter 2019. Throughout the year we have seen a drop in DDR4 prices, with it almost becoming affordable during the Black Friday period. Similarly, GPU prices have dropped following the cryptocurrency crash, though Nvidia RTX is still obscenely priced. Another trend during Black … Read more

G.Skill launches 32GB Double Capacity DDR4 Trident Z RGB DC for Asus Z390 Mini ITX Motherboards

I posted a few days ago about how Zodak had developed a double height double capacity memory DDR4 module. Now G.Skill has officially announced their Double Capacity DDR4 Trident Z RGB DC RAM which will be available on a limited number of ASUS motherboards. Consumer boards have been limited to using 16GB per DIMM since the launch … Read more