LG G Flex announced : vertically curved 6-inch 720p screen with self repairing back.

Curved OLEDs are finally making their way to the end user, Samsung have a curved OLED TV available, several others were on display at the IFA, and Samsung have announced the horizontally curved Galaxy Round. This time it is LG getting in on the action with the announcement of the LG G Flex Smartphone. This … Read more

Samsung KN55S9C 55-inch Curved OLED TV now shipping in the US for $9,000

Several years later than expected it seems OLED TVs are coming to the market and in the form of curved OLED screens. LG has already launched theirs, at an eye watering price of $15,000, and now Samsung are releasing their KN55S9C at a slightly less eye water price of $9,000.

The OLED set includes the company's Multi-View feature, which lets two people watch different programming at the same time when using compatible active 3D glasses, and it's compatible with the Evolution Kit Samsung.

It certainly looks like a beautiful TV however with 4K TVs being released it will be interesting to see if there is any room for commercial success now they are so late to the game.