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New iMac : upgraded

We’ve been a bit slow to up this news to you but the iMac has recently had a spec overhaul (as they do) and they look pretty tasty. However I’ll always be a PC fan but I can see the draw for some people to go for the iMac...

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Lenovo 3D Laptop

It wasn’t long ago that Chinese Computer firm Lenovo announced its IdeaPad Y560d, it’s first 3D laptop. Well it’s on sale in the States now. 3D technology is a bit of a blur to me sometimes with active, passive technology etc...

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Asus G73 : Gaming Laptop

The G73 laptop first debuted at CES in January and got quite a lot of attention due to its design. What, an aesthetically pleasing gaming laptop monstrosity, NEVER? Actually it does look quite nice, supposedly designed based on...

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