CES : Kodak Easyshare Touch,Mini Camera and Sports Camcorders

Mixing up our goodies from CES this year we’d like to tell you about the new range of cameras and mini-camcorders from those camera whizzes at Kodak, all with portability and connectivity on the mind to deliver what appears to be”what the customer wants” from a modern day camera. Firstly the Easyshare Touch digital camera. … Read more

Sony NEX-VG10E : Camcorder with Lens change

When you see the word “Handycam” you imagine the little camcorders with the flip out screens that fit in your hand. Sony’s new “Handycam” the NEX-VG10E certainly isn’t “Handy” unless you’re a real video making enthusiast or an actual pro. Like it’s fantastic range of DSLRs and Micro Four Thirds it has interchangeable lenses so … Read more