Top Tasks to Outsource to When Running a Business Allowing You to Scale Your Business up Without Employing More Staff

I have been self-employed for almost 20 years now. Running your own business can be fantastic, allowing you to be your own boss, set your own hours and have no limits on your potential wage. For every advantage comes a disadvantage, there are no paid days off, no paid sick leave, and even though you … Read more

Dell OptiPlex 7060 Micro Review – An ultracompact desktop for business – SSF

Large PCs are slowly going out of fashion with the consumer enthusiasts frequently building PCs using small form factor allowing you to fit a powerful PC on your table without taking up much room. Small PCs make even more sense in a crowded office environment, where large desktop PCs can become a nuisance taking up … Read more

Shaw Academy: Learn a New Skill in 4 Weeks

As usual, for most people in the new year, we make resolutions. I don’t normally do these, but I decided to set some goals for 2017. One of which including learning mobile development / getting back into programming. One of the resources I found when trying to identify how to learn was Shaw Academy. They … Read more