Vodafone announces full fibre gigabit broadband rollout with CityFibre

In the UK we are largely limited to 2 providers, BT OpenReach and Virgin. Both of these options are substandard compared to many other countries broadband infrastructures. In the UK both BT and Virgin use fibre to the cabinet then connect your house either with copper or coaxial. The best speed your average user can … Read more

BT Halo Review – Call Blocking Cordless Home Phone with Bluetooth

I have to admit, I don’t currently use a home phone anymore, and I think this is a growing trend. However, BT built their business around land lines and there is still a large number of people that use them. In which case the BT Halo phone might be the ultimate home phone. One of … Read more

BT to roll out Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC)

Finally some decent news for British Broadband. Ofcom has published a statement entitled "Delivering super-fast broadband in the UK" outlining the framework it will use to regulate the rollout of BT’s superfast broadband across the UK. The key points are: allow wholesale pricing flexibility to enable returns appropriate to the considerable risks of building new … Read more