Archos enters the Smart Home market

Another day and another company jumping onto the smart home bandwagon. This time the French company Archos have announced the originally named, Smart Home Solution. The platform is based around a tablet-like gateway and various sensors that users can place in and around their homes for remote monitoring. The gateway gathers information from up to … Read more

Archos 5 Internet Tablet


We may have touched on the rumours of the French gadget whizz’s next internet tablet but now Archos have officially confirmed the details of the new Archos 5 powered by that wonderful Android.


Packed with loads of features as Archos products always seem to the tablet comes in many memory size varieties from 8 to 32 GB in the super thin Flash memory configurations (with a micro SD (SDHC) card slot) or from 160 to 500 GB in a hard drive version there’ll be one that fits your memory requirements or your pocket limitations. Read on for specs and price.

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Intel debuts 2GHz Atom Z550 processor and demos Moorestown

The Intel Atom is now 1 year old and Intel are celebrating it with the release of the Intel Atom Z550. The Z550 clocks in at a pretty impressive 2GHz along with support for Hyperthreading, all in under three watts of power usage. Also Intel showed off the Z515 with Intel Burst Performance Technology, which … Read more

Archos to launch ultra-thin, 5-inch, Android-based Internet Media Tablet

Archos has announced it is to launch an “ultra-thin Internet Media Tablet combined with a mobile phone” based on both its own and Google’s Android operating system. The Internet Media Tablet will receive all the “functionalities of a premium smartphone” plus its applications whilst Archos’ multimedia framework will offer entertainment and web-browsing. The 5 inch … Read more