Alcosense Elite 3 Breathalyzer Review -compared against a cheap VPOW Breathalyzer from Amazon

I have previously reviewed the AlcoSense Ultra and AlcoSense Pro, both of which are superb highly accurate breathalysers but with a price tag of £250 and £150 they a bit beyond the means of your average user. The Alcosense Elite 3 is the latest model from the company and one of their most affordable options … Read more

AlcoSense Ultra Home Breathalyser Review

I have previously reviewed the Alcosense Pro home breathalyser and found it a great gadget to have on hand to ensure you stay within the limits for driving. This time around I have been reviewing the AlcoSense Ultra which is a Red Dot Design winner in 2016. Priced at £249.99 it is the most expensive … Read more