Tado Smart Thermostat Gets a Headstart on Nest in the UK

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Today we were most excited when we received a package from Tado containing their smart thermostat which is similar to the Nest. However the Nest is not available in the UK at the moment so Tado is getting several months head start before the Nest launch.

If you are not aware the Tado is a smart thermostat which connects to your boiler and communicates wirelessly with a box connected to your router allowing you to control your home heating via computer and mobile phone. Using your smart phone you can set up programmes just like you would do on a dumb system, but you can also have the Tado system learn your routine, if the app is installed on your phone it will know if you are at home or work, and it can learn to heat up your home on your return from work.

The Tado will also adapt to your home and the weather. So it will learn to heat your home more efficiently, and based on the weather it can intelligently increase or decrease your heating.

Using this smart system Tado believes you can save 27% in heating costs on average.

All this doesn't come cheap though the unit itself cost £249 and if you would like to have it installed for you (which is recommended) it will cost another £89 (though this fee is waived if you order before 31st December 2013). Tado also offer a rental option for £6.99 per month, with the same costs for installation and Tado are so confident in their system they will guarantee that you will receive £120 savings over the year and if you do not they will refund the cost of rental!

We are excited about trying out the Tado as we are very interested in home automation and the Nest has become huge over in the states, and in theory the Tado should be a better choice as it detects your presence from your phones location rather than movement within your home.

We hope to have a review up within the next few weeks, and if you are interested in trying the Tado for yourself it is available from their website tado.com

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