Tado improves its smart thermostat with physical controls

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We enjoyed our time with the Tado smart thermostat when we tested it earlier this year, it arrived to the UK market before the Nest and was superior to other options such as Hive.

However since then Hive have improved their Thermostat with smart functions, Nest has been launched, and several other competitors have entered the market. Therefore it has been important for Tado to stay ahead of the game and they have done this by fixing some of the downfalls of their first version.

The 2nd gen Tado now has physical controls on the thermostat allowing you to control your heating manually rather than using your phone, which was our biggest grievance with the 1st generation model. You can control hot water from the new thermostat, too, should you have a compatible boiler setup.

Tado also intends to add zoning capabilities in the next few weeks, too, meaning you can purchase multiple thermostats to control different areas of your home if you have the right heating system. This will really help differentiate the system from the Google owned Nest.

The new hardware will actually be cheaper than last year's model too at £199 up front, or rent a unit for £5 per month. If you are renting the older model your pricing will be adjusted accordingly.

You can order you Tado today from their website www.tado.com


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