Tackling Cybercrime: Are You Prepared?

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Businesses of all sizes and sectors need to put cybercrime and cyber protection at the forefront of their agenda. This means more than simply being aware of the need for stronger cybersecurity. It means having a system in place that ensures your cyber defenses are as secure as possible. It will also require a strategic process for implementation in the result of a data breach.

While many people see cybersecurity as nothing more than a tech issue, the fact is that keeping your business safe from the threat of malicious cyber criminals involves a stronger collaboration between the human factor and the technological one. If you want to be better prepared against threats of cybercrime then here’s what you need to know.

Password Security Awareness

It shouldn’t need saying in 2019 but there are still people that use weak passwords. This gives hackers quick and easy access to internal systems and data. Using the same password across a variety of platforms remains an issue, as does the selection of weak and easy-to-guess passwords.

This is despite the fact that there are a huge number of password generators and password management systems available that mean you don’t have to remember all of those long strings of randomized digits.

If you want to protect your business, then training your team to understand the importance of strong passwords is always going to be a subject area that can’t be overlooked.

Software Updates

Security software is designed with a purpose, and the updates that you get for that software have usually been created to tackle specific new threats. If you do not keep your software updated then you are exposing yourself to a potential data breach unnecessarily. Some tools available are more robust than others, but you should certainly be looking at options like the mcafee.com endpoint protection tools.

These can make the automated identification of potential threats easier to integrate into your existing systems, and can help to limit the impact of cyber threats before they happen. If you are not monitoring your data storage or your flow of information, then your systems will be more vulnerable and less secure.

Data Breach Response

Even with the most secure cyber defences possible, human mistakes can still lead to a successful attack. That’s why even the most protected businesses need to ensure that they have a response strategy in place should the worst happen. Failing to respond in the right way to a confirmed breach can be just as damaging as the breach itself. Everyone in your team should know their own responsibilities should a data breach action plan need to be launched. Failing to have one means that you leave yourself vulnerable not just to the hackers themselves, but to the negativity of your customers and legislative risks as well.

Even though small businesses are more targeted by cybercriminals than large corporations, businesses of all sizes must focus very specifically on their cybersecurity.

It can take time to develop the right security mentality and processes for improved data safety, but failing to do so leaves you exposed to the risks and consequences of leaving a  back door open for those with malicious intent.

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