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Following on from o2's recently announced "unlimited" plans (which confused us so much we didn't run the story), T-Mobile have reduced the price of their already excellent Web'n'Walk plans. The Web’n’walk Plus package (3GB monthly allowance) has been reduced from £29 to £20 a month, whilst the Web’n’walk Max (10Gb allowance and VoIP ability) from £44 to only £35 a month. Sure, it's only available to those on 24 month contracts but, let's be honest, T-Mobile are royally whooping almost every other network on data allowance and value-for-money right now.

From November 1st you'll also be able to get a fast mobile Internet connection without any monthly commitment. Unlimited browsing is available for no more than £4 per day and there'll be speeds of up to 3.6mb per second, with plans to increase to 7.2mb p/s later this year.

Richard Warmsley, Head of Internet on the Move at T-Mobile, said, "Our experience shows that customers want clear and simple price plans that offer value for money, and that is why we are offering flat-rate unlimited price packages"

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