Swiss Army Knife just got better

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Just when you thought the Swiss Army Knife couldn’t get any more useful, Victorinox, makers of the original branded Swiss Army Knife has now added to it’s flagship product the one thing we all need . A fully functional Secure Solid State Drive. Yes that’s right they’re going high tech.


With the usual combination of a small blade, file, screwdriver and scissors it also comes with USB 2.0 connectivity as well as eSATA II connectivity too. Couple that with a 32-bit processor,hardware error correction, secure data encryption, and dynamic power management the SSD offers 2x read speeds and 3x write speeds over your standard USB Flash Drive. There’s also an LCD display on board too telling you how much space is left on your drive.


It comes with bundled software providing a whole array of tools(no pun intended) for full file management like backup management of bookmarks, favourites and documents. It also offers full syncronization between your folders and Outlook plus you can also add password protection too.


There’s several sizes on offer from Victorinox. A 64GB slim and then a 128GB Slim Duo. These are both waterproof and shock-proof and are available in an assortment of colours. There’s also a version dubbed “flight friendly” which sports just the blade and the SSD. How this is flight friendly I don’t know. Sadly there’s no prices or release dates as yet, but expect to pay quite a bit as SSDs aren’t quite as cheap as we’d like them to be.


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