Suunto 9 Announced – A new high end multisport GPS watch with up to 120 hours GPS use

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Suunnto has just announced the latest multi-sport GPS watch in their range. The new Suunto 9 is designed for athletes who demand the best from their sports watch. Suunto 9 delivers an amazing battery life – up to 120 hours with GPS and an intelligent battery life management system with smart reminders to ensure your watch will last just as long as you need it to. The robust Suunto 9 is made for long, arduous training and racing, and it is tested to the extreme with thousands of hours testing in the toughest conditions.

If you participate in endurance events or perhaps multi-day hiking where you may not be able to charge your watch, the new Suunto 9 is the perfect fit. There are 3 predefined battery modes that can deliver from 25 hours to up to 120 hours of recording time with GPS tracking on.

Suunto 9 uses smart reminders to help you ensure you have enough battery for your next adventure. Some reminders are preemptive based on, for example, your activity history to make sure you are fully charged for the next outing. If the watch notices you are running low on battery during an exercise, it will automatically suggest changing to a different battery mode.

Suunto 9 is packed with over 80 sports modes and delivers convenient wrist heart rate measurement from Valencell Inc. The watch comes with full GPS route navigation, sunrise/sunset times, storm alarm and many other great features for athletes and outdoor adventurers.

Recently Suunto has launched a new and improved mobile app which will work alongside the Suunto 9. The new app helps you track all your adventures, as well as follow your long-term trends, including daily activity and sleep.


Using the smart mobile connection you can have your phone alert you when you get incoming calls, messages or notifications. When I used the old app on the Suunto Spartan Trainer the smart notifications worked flawlessly and it was far superior to the Garmin alternative and drained my battery much less.

The new watch will be available from June 26th in two alternative colours: black and white, and the RRP of the watch is 599-Euros

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