StealthGenie cell phone tracking software

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When it comes to cell phone tracking software, StealthGenie is a name that cannot be missed. It has capabilities that are quite impressive, and it is capable of giving you location updates at frequent intervals. You can say it’s tracking at its best, and to give you an overview; it has three major tracking options that include Geo Tracking, Geo Location, and Geo Fencing. Use all three of them effectively and you will be mastering the art of cell phone tracking.


With StealthGenie, there would never be a problem in finding out where your kids and employees are at the moment. Wondering what’s taking them so long to come home/office? Simply log in to StealthGenie account and get to know instantly where they are the moment. Geo-tracking feature is essentially important for the parents who are working or are at home all the time and for employers who have some delivery business where each minute counts or have an outdoor sales team to monitor.


There is another cool feature that only StealthGenie offers: Geo-location. With this practical feature, you can check the location history of all the places your kids or employees visited that day. At the end of the day or whenever needed, you can log in to your account to see where your employees or kids have been and this rules out any lies on your kid and employees’ part! They can’t cheat on you- simple!


This feature has been recently released by StealthGenie and is the world-exclusive! This dynamic feature will let you restrict some areas while mark others as safe. Whenever your target phone user enters or leaves the location that you marked as safe or restricted, you will get an instant alert! Wherever you are, how busy you are, StealthGenie keeps you connected with your kids and employees all the time!

Simplify your life:

With such advanced features up its sleeves, StealthGenie is the software that will help you solve all your issues. With a package price as low as $8.33 a month, this cell phone tracking software helps you monitor your kids and employees with utmost ease. Make the right decision; choose StealthGenie and make your life simple.

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