Space saving tips for small apartments

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When you do finally get your own space that you can afford, you can be sure that you will need to sacrifice more than a hefty deposit and large chunk of your paycheck every month. You will also need to sacrifice size.

Lets face it, anyone who is able to move into their own place is very lucky these days. Between the housing shortage in many cities and towns, and the rising cost of rents at an almost global scale, young people are continuously priced out of the market.

Luckily for us, this is not a new problem, and we are increasingly seeing more and more hacks to help us really get the most out of the space we have, and still have the place look at feel like home and reflect our tastes and personality. Here are some hints and tips to get you started when you are on a tight budget.

Hang things on the wall to free up floor space

You would be surprised how different a space can look when you get as much as possible up off the floor. It is almost an illusion, but a very effective one. The more you can hang from the walls the better, and it is a great way to utilise otherwise wasted space – for example above doors or in small corners.

Even large items like bicycles can be hung up and made to be a feature of the apartment rather than something continuously in the way.

And lets not forget about wall shelves. This is absolutely crucial to maximising space, especially if you do not have much in the way of cupboards or wardrobes – both of which can be expensive. The great thing about wall hooks and wall shelves, it is far cheaper than purchasing new furniture.

Take a long hard look at those doors

The first question you should be asking is – do you actually need the door at all.

The swing of a door can actually take up quite a bit of space, when it may be just as simple to place a curtain if anything at all. You may want to consider sliding doors too if you have the budget.

Once you have decided you absolutely do need the door, you can begin converting it to hideaway storage. Room doors become shoe racks or coat racks, or basically any kind of rack you can think of.

Kitchen cupboards can hold spice racks on the inside of doors, or pan lids or rolls of kitchen foil or cling film . There are lots of clever ways to hang things on doors to make the most of the space.

Storage boxes are key – why not make them pretty

As Marie Kondo takes the world by storm, there is one thing she always mentions – storage boxes.

This is absolutely key to keeping organised in a small space, and doesn’t need to cost the earth as any cardboard box will do. If you are planning to have the boxes out on display in order to neaten up your shelves or have them stackable in the corner then you can simply decorate them with paint or wrapping paper to make them look a bit more stylish.

If you shop around a bit on sites like you can even find some great storage sets that fit inside each other when not in use – perfect for kitchen spaces and similar.

Attach some wheels to furniture and move them around

This may sound like a strange on, but being able to easily move piece of furniture around the apartment easily can help you get more use of the space because it becomes multifunctional. Adding casters and wheels to coffee tables, shelves that can act as room dividers, even chairs, dining tables and desks can make all the difference.

You should consider fold away furniture too, so that you can quickly switch from workspace to relaxed space. Opt for light paint colours and lots of mirrors to further the illusion that the space is bigger than it is.

It may be hard to adjust to your own small space – but it is yours, and with a few clever tricks it will not seem small at all.

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