Sony’s NWZ-X1000 Walkman Specification

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The Sony X Series walkman is now available to order on Amazon. The NWZX1060B 32GB version is currently listed at £229.99. The NWZX1050B 16GB version is available for £179.99


We have already post about the Sony NWZ-X1000 a few times and now we have a few more bits of information for you.

The player will be able to handle MP3, WMA, and AAC at up to 320kbps, and for video there's MPEG-4, H.264, and WMV support.

Apparently the Video is crippled at 320 x 240 despite that 3-inch OLED screen's 432 x 240 native resolution.

There will also be FM tuning, 802.11g/b WiFi, internet browsing with YouTube support, and 33 hours of battery life for music and 9 for video.

The player does seem to be getting some flac over at Engadget in the comments regarding its poor video capabilities and lack of bluetooth. Granted this are probably coming from Apple Fanboys and they probably fail to appreciate that the recent Sony players have heavily praised over their audio quality compared to the iPods.

So it looks like the NWZ-X1000 should still be a winner for the audiophiles however it could suffer in the mainstream market due to its poor video performance.

We shall see!


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