Sony Walkman A845

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The Sony Walkman A845 was first spotted last year and was believed to be coming our way in January. Well it has been released today and certainly looks up there to compete with the iPod touch especially if you’re an audiophile looking for a higher quality of sound that Sony can deliver.


With a 2.8” OLED screen, there’s your brighter and clearer visuals. The A845 comes with 16GB of internal storage, ample room for your music collection and videos. Also at a mere 7.2mm the body is ultra-thin. Sony also claims the battery life will last a fantastic 29 hours on a full charge for audio use and also an impressive 9 hours for video use.


What makes this better you ask? Well the A845 is packing some of Sony’s expert tech, the S-Master Digital Amplifier. Now if you’re clued  up on Sony gear you’ll know that this is what they’re putting in some of their top dog Hi-Fi’s and Home Cinema units which will deliver what Sony will  say “rich, lifelike, ultra-low distortion sound”.  Available from today it’s priced at £159.99.



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  1. A really nice new design for the Sony MP3 player. The best thing about these kind of mp3 players in the Sony headphones that come with them. I used some of these headphones before and was blown away by the sound quality!


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