Sony Reader : Touchscreen and Pocket

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As of Wednesday, the new Sony Reader will be able to pre-order for its 10th September release.


The PRS-600 Touch Edition is technically the second touchscreen reader from Sony but the PRS-700 wasn’t widely available in the UK to buy, so this is the real first upgrade to go out to the mainstream since the popular PRS-505. If you’re a keen Ebooker this will set you back £249. The Pocket version the PRS-300 is a lower £179 and as it suggests is a smaller less “specced” version.

Click on for the specs

PRS-600 Specs : –

  • 6-inch touchscreen
  • Stylus Pen (so you can make notes on your texts)
  • Audio Out
  • Built In Oxford Dictionary
  • additional SD card and Memory Stick slots

PRS-300 Specs : –

  • 5-inch touchscreen
  • Stores around 350 texts
  • Also comes in pink and silver



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