Sony PlayStation 4.5 rumoured for VR and 4K in October

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Sony is reportedly planning to launch a higher-specification PlayStation 4 console ahead of the PlayStation VR release prior to Christmas.

The revised console is said to have an improved GPU and be able to run content — including, possibly, games — at Ultra High Definition resolution, and is intended to boost performance for Sony's upcoming PlayStation VR headset previously dubbed Project Morpheus.

The represents a very unusual move from a console maker as they typically want to create a stable platform, with any improvement being focussed on aesthetics, reducing power draw, noise and cutting manufacturing cost.

It is likely that developers could be asked to ensure their titles play acceptably on the older hardware, unlocking only increased framerates or higher-resolution rendering when running on the newer device.

The PlayStation VR headset is already the cheapest VR option, and the PS4 itself is considerably less powerful than the recommended specification of its competitors, the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. This had led some people to believe whether the PlayStation VR will offer a good experience in comparison. However, this rumour could help placate some of these concerns.

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