The Sony X Series walkman is now available to order on Amazon. The NWZX1060B 32GB version is currently listed at £229.99. The NWZX1050B 16GB version is available for £179.99


Well there have been quite a lot of rumours about the release date of the new Sony OLED walkman. Sony have given a formal release date and price for the NWZ-X1050 and NWZ-X1060 in Japan.

Both will be released on the 25th of April and the NWZ-X1050 will cost 40,000 yen ($400 / £270) and the NWZ-X1060 will be 50,000 yen ($500, £335).

No word yet on US or Europe date but I would expect it would be soon after the Japanese date. Knowing our luck I would also expect a small price increase maybe £300 and £350?

Finally if you are eager to see what the new Sony will be like Dap Review have managed to find some hand on video from Cnet Asia