Sony NEX-VG10E : Camcorder with Lens change

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When you see the word “Handycam” you imagine the little camcorders with the flip out screens that fit in your hand. Sony’s new “Handycam” the NEX-VG10E certainly isn’t “Handy” unless you’re a real video making enthusiast or an actual pro. Like it’s fantastic range of DSLRs and Micro Four Thirds it has interchangeable lenses so you can shoot some fantastic video, but when you’re using it you will look like you’re actually filming a documentary or movie, when if it was me, it would probably be my holidays or my friends doing stupid things to go on YouTube, where a compact camcorder would suffice.


Basically inside the beast is top notch technology. Powered with a BIONZ processor the sensor on board is a whopping 14.2MP EXMOR sensor. This will mean top notch quality images and videos. The camera captures your video into AVCHD format and it doesn’t limit the amount or length of video you take, it leaves that simply down to the size of your memory card. Lens wise, it supports the Sony E-mount lenses and with a special adaptor you can slap on the Alpha DSLR lenses too so you can always get that perfect shot. Now with this amount of quality imagery one thing that usually lets camcorders down is the sound quality……not with this one. A quad capsule spatial array microphone (“sounds” fancy) will also make sure you get top quality sounds aswell as images.


There’s no price details yet, but expect it to be quite high. Plenty of wait time too as it’s not due till September.


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