Sony Developing a TV,……. without a Plug!

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We’ve talked before about gadgets supplying wireless electricity. Palm’s touchstone, The Powermat and Dell’s new Latitude Laptop, utilise the technology to charge or power themselves without the need for a straight to the mains connection. Sony has got it’s boffins working on the efficiency of wireless power, enough to power a whole television, ideal for those who don’t like wire clutter or no hanging wires from your wall mount.


Sony’s power supply will use magnetic resonance to send the electricity through the air to the TV without the need for a plug. Sony have claimed to have hit an efficiency rate of 60% which means it can send 60W of energy within a 50cm range. This means that although the TV will not require no trailing power leads it would still have to be in range of a power socket.


When the tech or the TV will get launched is unclear but CES isn’t far away and that usually leads to the competing TV companies to show off some goodies.


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