Sony Cyber-Shot WX5 and TX9

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3D is the rage, clearly. We touched a month or so back about the fantastic NEX-3 and NEX-5 micro four thirds(the mini SLR type) cameras from Sony that had the ability to take 3D panoramic shots which you can view provided you have the necessary TV capability and a pair of “Joe 90” looking glasses. Well now Sony have announced these two compact cameras capable of the same thing.


Firstly the WX5. The step up from the Cyber-shot WX1 this a 12.2MP camera with a wide-angle 24mm lens capable of 5x optical zoom. On the flipside it has a standard 2.8” LCD screen to view. The TX9 on  the other hand is the step up from the Cyber-Shot TX7 camera. Again sporting a 24mm lens this has the ability of 4x optical zoom however this camera sports a 3.5” touchscreen on the rear.


What makes these compacts better than their older counterparts is the ability to capture Full 1080p HD video at 60fps and also have the feature what Sony are calling Superior Auto Mode. Basically it’s like Intelligent Auto and will detect all the correct settings for your photo depending on lighting etc. What this does though is on the press of the button, the camera takes multiple pictures(2-6) instantly and puts them all together to reveal a sharper, better quality image. Another feature is the Sweep Multi-Angle mode. You take 15 pictures at different angles and the camera works it’s magic and puts them all into one image. From this the user can tilt the camera into different positions and the image will move to those angles, creating a 3D effect.


Available in September we’re still waiting on Sony pricing them up. Viva la 3D.


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