Sonos opens up to Spotify Connect & Amazon Echo

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I love my Sonos in the Kitchen, it is great just to be able to click play and it immediately starts up the playlist I was previously on, connecting to a multitude of online streaming services.

But, as most Sonos users would agree, the App kinda sucks. It’s not so much that it is bad, it’s just that the Spotify or Google Play Music app are better. I use Spotify all the time in the gym, so it is just more natural for me to use that app.

Also, having to download the Sonos app to your phone/tablet, limits its use for parties when friends may want to take control of the music (because I can’t be arsed).

Thankfully, though, Sonos are deciding to move with the times and open up the platform to work with Spotify Connect. For you US readers they are also opening it up to Amazon Echo control.

You'll be able to control the company's speakers from within any Spotify app. You'll even be able to get music playing across multiple rooms since all of your Sonos groups will appear inside Spotify. The Sonos app will also recognise the songs Spotify is delivering, so if your friend is streaming a song you've never heard, you'll be able to add it to your library easily.

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