Some more Samsung Cameras for you

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That’s right Samsung is offering another line of compact cameras to suit your needs. This time rather than the simplistic style of the ST30 and ST6500, these new ST65, ST90 and ST95 models come with a bit more design flair as well as all the goodies you’ll ever need from a compact camera.


All 3 models come with 5x optical zoom and 720p HD video capture as standard but there are some obvious differences between each model number. The ST95 is the top of the list with a 16MP sensor to the 14MP sensors of the ST90 and ST65. The ST65 has a 26mm lens while the 90 and 95 come with a 27mm lens. Again the ST95 comes out better with H.264 support on its video capturing allowing for up to 4x more video capture than the standard MPEG support of the other two. The ST95 also has Samsung’s Smart Touch user interface which can be used through it’s 3 inch LCD touchscreen.


Available this month in a variety of colours including silver, indigo blue, pink, purple and orange, (emerald blue and red for the ST65) they will start at a reasonable low retail price of £129.


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