Snugg iPad Mini Case Review

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Recently we were sent a Snugg iPad Air case to review. After being a bit disappointed with the official iPad smart case were quite excited to try out different options. The issue with the smart case was that it fell off quite easy, and the back of the iPad is exposed to being scratched.

The Snugg is a folio style case which will protect both the front and back of your iPad. It also includes holders for cars and a stylus, as well as magnets in the lid to work the auto-sleep/wake mode. The case includes 2 stand modes, there is a tab on the back which allows you to slot the lid into and stand the case up, and a elasticated hand strap designed to make holding your device easier.

The Snugg is advertised as Leather but in fact it is leather look/pleather which is a shame but not really a surprise at the recommended retail price of £29.99.

Another small issue is that the case comes quite close to the screen so we sometimes found it getting slightly in the way when doing anything at the very edge of the screen, but it was rarely an issue.

The Snugg is a folio style case it is quite a bit more bulky than the iPad Smart Case, however if you are wanting something more functional that provides more protection than the standard case we found this is an excellent option.

You can buy the Snugg  for all versions of the iPad at or via Amazon. The model we reviewed, the Snugg for iPad Air is available here





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