SmartThings Hopes to Make Home Automation Mainstream

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Home Automation and Smart Homes are things we are very interested in, and 2014 seems like it could be the year where it becomes more mainstream. We have already seen Samsung, Haier demonstrating smart appliances at the IFA in Berlin this year. We have recently posted about doing a serious on Home Automation, and now SmartThings has just received $12.5 Million funding in a Series A funding.

SmartThings was one of the big success stories from Kickstarter in 2012, raising $1.2 million with a goal of just $250,000. Similar to other companies such as X10, Z-Wave and LightwaveRF; SmartThings offers a range of sensors and devices to monitor and perform actions automatically in your home.

Unlike other systems, SmartThings offers a comprehensive number of devices and features including:

  • Control of switches and lighting: Allowing you to set things to automatically turn on or off, or notify you when things are turned on.
  • Door locks: Have doors unlock or lock automatically
  • Smart Tags: Allowing you to know when kids arrive from home or where your keys are
  • Sensors: That can detect movement in the house, or moisture levels which can be used to detect leaks, or for windows and cabinets to know if something has been opened.

SmartThings also allows developers to get in on the action with a cost of $200 for the kit needed. Their are currently 3000 develops on board creating things for the SmartThings ecosystem.

Unfortunately it is not available for international shipping at the moment so we will just have to dream about making our homes a little smarter for now, hopefully the new round of funding will help them grow into international markets


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