Smartphone Gaming Will Take Over Console Gaming Eventually

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Smartphone gaming has become a very prevalent thing within today’s gaming crazed society. Many now believe that mobile gaming is set to take over the future and perhaps even take over and shadow the much-loved console gaming industry. You may be wondering; how can it actually do that? Well, it is pretty much already happening slowly. The huge gaming titles that we see today on console, have also been developed for mobile usage. 

In other retrospectives, a good example of how gaming was taken over on a different device, was the days when blackjack and other casino games were relied upon and solely played from PCs, and well today it is a completely different story entirely. Mobile gaming has taken over as the predominant gaming device for the once reliant PC casino world. So, if you think it cannot happen to gaming consoles too, here is why you are mistaken.

Everyone has a smartphone

A pretty obvious reason is true, but this can contribute to why many would opt to game from their mobile phone, instead of having a console. The cost for usage for smartphones can be pretty much spread across most day-to-day activities, and you can also take it with you everywhere, as it is designed to be mobile. Gaming consoles are rather quite the opposite and cannot be taken everywhere, much like PCs etc. you are limited to game time from wherever you play. Not only is it much less convenient, you certainly will get more game time for the cost of your mobile, unlike consoles that are just able to play when you are actually at home. Smartphone gaming screams convenience. 

Mobile in-gaming purchases

While gaming consoles often just have one game purchase of games and then you can call it a day, mobile gaming applications mostly use in-game purchases which allow a boom in micro transactions. Be it for some character weaponry in an action game, or other customisable settings, in-game purchases are usually not massively expensive, but they do add up in time, to make more profit than that of a single game purchase for example. This makes it more of a reason to lean towards mobile gaming, as there is greater profit potential.

Smartphone technology is being invested into massively

Some of the biggest game developers like Square Enix, are investing into adapting gaming concepts to suit the mobile technology that is available to them right now. You will find that many companies have identified the leniency towards mobile gaming and for that reason, it is very much being explored right now. Who could have imagined that large games that were initially popular for consoles, are now available on mobile gaming? The list is huge, but to give examples we have Fortnite, Call of Duty, Crash Bandicoot and so many more. 

Also, just because these software providers have invested into mobile gaming, does not mean their quality of games has downgraded, or the storylines are less interesting. They have become just as good as console games-if not better!

Mobile data plans are moving towards being unlimited

You may think, oh no wait, how can I play games with little data? Well nowadays, many data plans are pretty much unlimited or close enough, meaning gaming online is achievable and certainly will not break a few wallets along the way. There is nothing worse than opening your monthly phone bill, to see you went a little over than you should have. So, now, many mobile data plans are moving towards making data plans super common and cheap-meaning gaming can only get more accessible and convenient overall. 

Phone time meets sleeping time

This probably may shock you, but many people play and use their phones just as much as they sleep. Take the US for example, they have reported the average daily usage of 6 hours, which is the average sleeping time of many people within the US too. This can very much well suggest that almost ⅓ of everyone's day is specifically focused on mobile phone usage. This certainly makes it easier for gaming software’s to promote their gaming when more people are actually on their phones. In addition to this, if an average mobile gamer is on their phone gaming for 5 hours, imagine the amount of in-gaming mobile purchases made? 

That is exactly why gaming on mobile phones is never a bad thing in the eyes of software developers. If they can utilise as many gaming outputs, it means a greater gaming generated revenue overall, which is a win.

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