In this late times, technology has taken over many aspects of human life, making it way better when appropriately handled. It has changed lives in countless ways and it will continue to do so for a long time, since people from all around the globe have embraced it to help them on solving all sorts of issues from simple to complex in both, professional and private matters. This is the case here, where some simple high-tech tools can deliver a state of well-being in social, sentimental or professional life and be of good help whenever is needed.


This simple but powerful tool that is carried by most of the connected world’s population installed in personal mobile communication devices, is now available for personal computer systems thanks to WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp Desktop. Its advantages are very well-known due to its undeniable popularity, but most surely, not that many people know that it exists due to two former Yahoo employees named Brian Acton and Jan Kourn, who created it by the year 2009 and its currently owned by Facebook since 2014.

It is one of the most widely used App since the apparition of smartphones, and can be free downloaded for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry OS, Symbian, Windows and Mac. There are two versions and a handy tool, each one of them can be used can be used in the way found to be the more convenient from the list below:

  • WhatsApp free latest version
  • WhatsApp plus version
  • WhatsApp Spy

WhatsApp free latest version

This is the traditional version which is more commonly found. Many people love it and is usually preferred when the need is to Download WhatsApp for the first time, by either a new user or on a new smart device. The installation process is tends to be always very simple but, is a common thing to find a “download procedure” with a whole set of step by step instructions, available to help those who may need it.

WhatsApp plus version

Maybe somewhere, some things about WhatsApp Plus have been heard but, up to date, not much information regarding its advantages is clear. Ever since it showed up on the landscape by 2012, many people use it and here is why. WhatsApp Plus was developed by a spaniard fellow known as Rafalense, based on the original WhatsApp version but with a lot more options that were not provided by the original one back then.

With a blue logo, is a non-official version of WhatsApp with options that allow the user to:

  • Change the App appearance
  • More emoticons available
  • Send heavier files

To obtain it can not be acquired using the regular Playstore. So if the decision is to give it a try, simply go to:, where a detailed process to install it is found and you'll be available to start enjoying it.

WhatsApp Spy

For those whose interests are about tracking down the activities of a sentimental partner or keeping close control on the kids contacts, here is the perfect tool. Some people have private conversations with acquaintances, and the topics are not always completely or sincerely released when asked. Other times, knowing what the kids are doing and most importantly with whom, is a matter of the utmost importance, and since kids are in many cases driven to lie by nature.

That is why Whatsapp Spy has been created, setting a new security level for parents.


It is a humble but powerful tool as well, thanks to email, many tasks from professional, educational to private are sped up and managed in a more easy and comfortable manner, for many years now since its creation, it has and keeps on being of good help for massive information interchange. When filling out all sorts of applications, an email account is always needed. Globalization has led to a point where service providers come from everywhere and in any language, which is very useful if the need for the creation of an account in another language for personal use or the use of an acquaintance shows up, that is why is a good thing to consider websites where advises such as “how to create a Hotmail account”, may turn out to be useful eventually.