Shaw Academy: Learn a New Skill in 4 Weeks

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As usual, for most people in the new year, we make resolutions. I don’t normally do these, but I decided to set some goals for 2017. One of which including learning mobile development / getting back into programming.

One of the resources I found when trying to identify how to learn was Shaw Academy. They are an online, higher education institution based in Ireland and dozens of courses which allow you earn an Accredited Diploma in whatever topic you choose.

The range of topics is excellent, there were plenty I was tempted with including Diplomas in Sports & Exercise nutrition, financial trading and investment, and photography. But, sticking to my goals I have opted to try out Mobile App Development, they also have an Advanced Mobile Development Course.

The course I have chosen last over 4 weeks, and consists of 8 live interactive lessons that are just over 10 hours long in total. I find this approach quite interesting, and hopefully beneficial to me. In comparison, I have used things like Code Academy before, and while it is great, forcing myself to read through each lesson and do it whenever I find the time always led to failure.

I have only just started this course, so I might still flake out, but the structured approach of live lessons seems great to me, and will hopefully help me stick to it.

If you do miss a lesson it is not the end of the world, Shaw Academy allows you to access the recordings for up to 12 days following the lesson.

The idea of live lessons seems very expensive; however, Shaw Academy provides this all free of charge as well as do weekly quizzes to self-asses your progress.

At the end of the course, there is an optional final assignment that you can do, and Shaw Academy will charge an admin fee of 39.95 Euros to assess this. If you successfully complete the assessment Shaw Academy will provide you with your final Diploma.

If you are interested in learning a new skill you can see a full list of courses over at

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