Sharp Mirumo 934SH with "memory LCD"

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Unfortunately this won’t likely be seen anywhere but Japan, but Sharpe a releasing the mirumo 934SH for SoftBank (Japanese Telecom company).

The 934SH features a 3-inch external display that can display time, date, weather, news but manages to only consume 5% five per cent of the power used by previous external displays.

Sharp is coining this display as "memory LCD" which makes it sound like E-Ink but according to one of the commenter's on Engadget, who apparently emailed the tip in, the display is actually OLED and the memory part comes from the fact the external display can only show one of 38 different screens at one time, and the hardware remembers which of those 38 you use most.

The phone also comes with an 8 megapixel camera, a waterproof shell, and a UV sensor.

Pretty impressive stuff.


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