Serverless Platform Comparison: Five Best Serverless Platforms for 2021

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Serverless platforms have changed the way companies operate. Instead of maintaining their own private servers, companies go for serverless computing.

It saves storage space and helps your business to become more scalable, agile and efficient. There are many different serverless computing platforms you can use.

You need to choose the serverless infrastructure which suits your business. It will help you to get a reliable, fast and safe computing infrastructure for your business.

Serverless Platforms:

As the name goes, in serverless platforms, you don’t have to maintain individual servers to use computing power. Instead, you can go with serverless platforms which use a combination of containers. 

Depending upon the usage, it uses containers. If more people are using the app, it will use more containers and vice versa. You don’t have to maintain the server or take care of resource allocation. The provider will take care of all the things for you.

Serverless Platform Comparison:

There are many different types of serverless platforms available in the market. Out of all of them, the best serverless platforms are AWS Lambda, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Functions, IBM Bluemix and Alibaba Functions.

All these platforms differ on the basis of flexibility and price. They have different advantages and disadvantages. So in order to choose the best serverless platform for your business, you need to compare them. It will help you to make the best choice.

Five Best Serverless Platforms:

People always get confused when it comes to choosing the best serverless platforms for business. However, you can never go wrong with these five best serverless platforms in the market.

  • AWS Lambda:

It is AWS serverless computing service by Amazon. It uses a trigger mechanism to know how much computing power is required. Applications built on Node.js, Python, Go, Java and Ruby mostly work on AWS Lambda. You can either go for the free version or the premium version. The free version is for 1 million requests/ 400,000 seconds monthly. The premium version costs $0.20 for 1 million requests.

  • Microsoft Azure:

It is a serverless platform by Microsoft. With this platform, you will get 100 tools. You can use it for software development, deployment, testing and administration. It uses cloud and edge. The price is not fixed. It depends on computing power the app uses. This platform is secure and highly scalable.

  • Google Cloud Functions:

Suppose it is good for event-driven development. It will connect your code with Google Cloud. This will helps in trigger setting. It will activate responses in power as per the action and usability. The first 2 million requests are free. After that, you have to pay $0.40 per every million requests. It is cheaper than all the other platforms.

  • IBM Bluemix:

This is good for event-triggered apps. It uses triggers, events and rules to work. You have to pay the money as per the usage. The charges are $0.000017 for every executed second. This platform is highly flexible.

  • Alibaba Functions:

It is an event-driven platform. It increases the computing power for seamless usage of the app. It makes the app more scalable. You only need to pay for the power used. The price is $19 per month. 

These are the five best serverless platforms in 2020. You can use any of these platforms for your business. 

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