Sequel to the Dell Streak : Dell Opus One

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Dell the computer giants not so long ago delved into the smartphone industry and came out with a top drawer phone in the Dell Streak. Since then Dell have been working on an Android powered mobile called the Venue Pro and after the release of WM7 are working on the phone named Thunder. Now to add to this already great looking line up of mobiles is the sequel to the Streak, the Opus One


There’s not too much to report on the specs of the phone, all we know so far is that it’ll have a massive 5” display capable of 1280×800 resolution. That is some screen. I mean the Dell Streak was big and a lot of smartphones like the Desire HD and the Xperia X10 are opting for huge screens, but where do you draw the line, when does it stop being a phone and become a tablet PC with 3G connectivity. Either way this phone will be fast, powered by a 1.2GHz Dual-Core SnapDragon processor.


If and when any more news is available we will be on it like a car bonnet.


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