As awesome as new tech is, getting old of the latest gadget can be exciting, however, the cost is always a big factor when taking the leap. Tech companies these days have also got their marketing strategy to a tee, running campaigns that will leave us wanting to ditch our ‘not so old' gadget to go out and buy the latest one being released. If you are in anyway similar to myself, you'll have that ‘But I just bought this 8 months ago' look on your face whilst watering at the exciting features being advertised on the latest one. Take Microsoft Surface Pro Series for instance, with their Surface Pro release strategy with less than 18 months in between each series, the truth of the matter is, keeping up to date with the releases can be very expensive.

However, it needn't be expensive. One very clever strategy is to recycle your older device for cash and simply use that to bolster your wallet for the purchase of the new one. After all, unless you are a collector, hoarding old tech and keeping them in the kitchen drawer can turn expensive. This article is about showing you the best tips when it comes it recycling your old devices especially laptops and ultra-books to give funds for purchasing a new one.

Selling your old laptop online is actually quite easy. There are a lot of websites online that will pay you instant cash, however, it's handy to have the following tips with you o ensure you get the best value. One of the first things to substantiate when selling your old laptop is the laptop's specifications, most especially the processor of the laptop. This is a very important factor websites that buy laptops use in their algorithm to calculate their price. Getting the information of about your laptop's specifications is very straightforward and can be accessed either from the manufacturers' website.

Another tip I would like to throw out there is that time is of the essence when selling your old tech, because of the sharp drop in prices relative to time. therefore it is advised to sell once you feel it’s no longer needed or have acquired a new one.

It is also very important to check the past customer reviews of the website you intend to use. Customer feedback will give a good insight into the company's reputation. There are a lot of companies that do not deliver their promises. Investigating what past customers have to say about them will paint a very good picture of how smooth your transaction will be. Another tip that could earn you extra cash is to ensure your laptop is tidied up before sending it off. recyclers value your laptop on as-seen basis; so, if it is received dirty and full of random stickers, it will be assessed based on this condition. an extra 5 minutes cleaning the laptop and wiping it down could earn you up to 10% more!

Lastly, it is good to shop around, have a look at various websites and decide which is the best value for you. remember, the website quoting the most cash isn't necessarily the best! Check feedback, services they offer e.g. Free Collection, data wiping etc and then make a decision.