Samsung’s 2016 4K TV Pricing & More Details: Quantum Dots, & IoT.

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As someone that is wanting a big TV upgrade this year, I have eagerly been waiting for the 2016 line-up of TVs to launch. Sony have released some of theirs, and we know about the LG line-up, but no when it is out. Now we have more details on Samsung’s releases, though it is mainly US specific for now, the UK shouldn’t be too much different.

All of Samsung’s new 4K TVs feature quantum dot technology, which promise more accurate colours compared to LED on its own. They have also revamped their Smart Hub interface for all the new TVs, which streamlines the entire process of setting up your TV and integrating new devices. The TVs will actually be able to detect when a new device is plugged in and then use your remote to navigate automatically without any additional setup. In the US it will integrate directly into cable boxes from Comcast, Time Warner, Dish and DirecTV. Hopefully UK devices will get some love too.

As we've heard before, they'll also serve as hubs for Samsung's SmartThings IoT platform, allowing you to control a variety of smart home devices using the TV.

The cheapest model is the flat screened KS8000 which starts at $1,499 for the 49-inch model while the curved screen KS8500 starts at $1,699 for the 49-inch model. Both models will go up to 65-inches with ever increasing prices.

Samsung's new 9-series, starting with the flat 55-inch KS9000 for $2,299, or the curved 55-inch KS9500 for $2,499. More for the curved variety.

Top of the line is the KS9800 and will cost $4,499 for the 65-inch model which has nearly bezel-less 4K set with full-array backlighting, which means it'll deliver much deeper blacks than Samsung's other sets, all of which are edge-lit.

All the TVs will have the same basic tech but with varying quality, so you get 4K resolutions, quantum dots, and full HDR support.

The KS9800 is due to launch in the US in June, and we presume the other TVs will be launched around the same time too. I would expect a UK launch to be similar.

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