Samsung ZX310 Superslim laptop

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The ZX310 was teased to us at CES but we’ve got the full lowdown on this new MacBook Air like super slim laptop. Where you’d think the Apple version of this style of laptop would be the dearer one(much like all Apple’s products. This new Samsung one actually costs more. Now obviously there’s a reason behind that so lets take a look inside and see what this one has to offer over its rival.


Firstly it has the same size 13” screen as the MacBook Air and a similar brushed metal look of the MacBook Pro. Powered inside by Intel Core i5 1.4GHz processor it also has 4GB of RAM. Operating system wise it’s Windows 7 and you have the option of the on board SSD at 128GB or 256GB. Well looking at that it’s still as good as a MacBook Air, not better.


Available in the states in February they will retail at $1599 (£1050 ish to you and me) However this isn’t the first time Samsung has slapped a heavier price tag on its product that is obviously in direct competition with an Apple product. The Galaxy Tab was priced higher than an iPad on it’s release. Are Samsung nailing the market? Are they the true rival to Apple? Only time will tell.


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