Samsung U250 : All in one touchscreen PC

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Samsung has now joined the all-in-one computing club now after several computing giants are producing, with success, the space saving alternative to a desktop that the iMac has brought back into fashion.


When Windows 7 was released a large number of these PCs appeared on the market due to its compatibility to touchscreen technology. Although there isn’t a huge amount of information on the PC, what we do know is there will be two models, a 23” U250 and a 20” U200. The U250 will pack a Full HD capable screen and looks wise looks a lot like Dell’s foray into the all-in-one machine. The smaller U200’s screen will only output 1600×900 so although capable of 720p will not be able to reach the Full 1080p. However as we don’t know whats driving the machines processor or GPU wise, we don’t know for sure if HD is even possible.


Due out in May we have no price details but if you’re interested PC world are apparently going to stock them so they’ll probably appear on their site soon with full specs details.


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