Samsung Q900FN 85-inch 8K QLED TV Announced at IFA 2018

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We have already seen few demo units and prototypes of 8K tech from several companies now, but Samsung might be the first to bring 8K to the consumers with the Q900FN QLED TV.

This monster 85-inch 8K QLED TV will be available for purchase this year and it is believed that it won't cost as much as you would expect. To be clear, it will still be out of reach for anyone but the ultra-wealthy or corporates users, but rumours suggest it will be below £20k which is about the same price as some 85-inch OLED screens.

The main selling point is the 8k resolution and Samsung says this is real 8K resolution and AI upscaling using an 8K Quantum processor. The AI upscaling is quite an important feature, as we are several years away from ay real 8K content, if you do buy this TV you will be reliant on the TV provides making the most of lower resolution content.

According to Samsung, the new 85-inch Q900FN will offer the company’s most advanced backlighting system to date, capable of reproducing unprecedented brightness levels of 4,000nits more than double the current brightest screen.

Samsung also points toward QLED’s ability to reproduce “100 percent colour volume,” which, in simpler terms means the TV is quite cable of reproducing a wide range of colours and shades across a very broad range of brightness levels.

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