Samsung NB30 Touch : Touchscreen Netbook

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Samsung have entered the touchscreen netbook market which may be a little late with the soon to be arriving folding tablets but where it makes up for it is in its durability and its compact size.


A not so great 1024×600 10.1” it’s standard size for a netbook but this has a nice touchscreen for you to prod around with and as its running Windows 7, the touchscreen friendly OS unlike most netbooks that run Windows XP. However despite its superior OS the netbook itself isn’t a top of the range power monster. Intels Atom N450 is the processor with 1GB RAM. It also comes with with a choice of 160GB or 250GB HDD.


However it looks like Samsung are aiming for a particular market with this one as it seems its been built to last the elements and general wear and tear despite its lack of future-proof tech. The drives are anti-shock protected and the case is reinforced to withstand the odd drop or bump in your bag, probably from them idiots at the train station who insist on barging you out the way. It also has a liquid resistant keyboard. Whether you can spill your coffee on it and it still work I would like to see although at £350 a throw for the machine, it would be an expensive test.


Not available in the UK yet and no release date, the Samsung NB30 Touch is on sale in Italy now so it shouldn’t be too far off a British release.


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