Samsung & LG will have 105-inch, ultrawidescreen UHD TVs at CES

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While most people are still focussing on Christmas and New Year lets not forget CES 2014 is not far away and it looks like it is going to be another battle of the big screen TVs.

We already saw some crazy TVs at IFA 2013 and this trend is continuing with Samsung and LG both reportedly displaying a 105-inch 21:9 curved UHD/4k TV. Unfortunately it does not appear that either TV will be using OLED but they will be sticking with LCD courtesy of improved TFT technology for an even backlighting across the curved surface.

Both TVs also use the ultrawidescreen format which was a pretty unsuccessful format used by Philips previously. However it is the aspect ratio you see at the cinema and combined with the curved surface this appears to be as close to a home IMAX we are going to get anytime soon. The resolution is an incredible 5,120 x 2,160 which is technically 4k not 5k due to the aspect ratio.

We are not sure if these will be production models or just there to show off like the Samsung 110” TV that we saw at the IFA this year. Either way, we can guarantee it will not be affordable and wont even fit in most peoples homes.






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