Samsung launch new super fast 128GB flash memory for mobiles

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Each phone iteration has largely been about an improved CPU, GPU and screen in the recent years. These upgrades mean people want to make the most of them by playing huge games and watching 4k videos, but there is a bit of a bottle neck and that's in the flash storage on your phone.

The 2 major issues are the size of storage and speed. For some crazy reason companies are still launching phones with 16GB memory which is just not adequate for most users nowadays. Secondly, the memory is quite slow, transferring large files to a phone can be a laborious process.

Samsung is hoping to fix these problems with the launch of chips based on the speedy Universal Flash Storage standard with sizes ranging from 32GB up to 128GB.

The part uses tricks like command queuing and a serial interface to give you the kind of breakneck performance you'd expect from a solid-state drive in a PC, not a device that fits in your pocket. It's about 2.7 times faster at random data reads than the flash you see in many high-end phones, while its sequential speeds are “up to SSD levels.” And that's while using 50 percent less power — you won't have to take a hit to battery life.

Samsung hasn't named customers for the UFS chip, hopefully based on this announcement and the imminent announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S6 we will see this new memory implemented immediately, but that is probably wishful thinking.

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