Samsung Galaxy Tab is official!!!

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Here it is official at last, a true competitor to the iPad, the Galaxy Tab. WE’ve talked about the rumours lots here at MightyGadget and we’ve definitely sung the praises of the Galaxy S, Android phone too go alongside it. It will be officially 100% unveiled at IFA on September the 2nd but Samsung have unleashed a wonderful little teaser video showing just what the Tablet can do.


The 7” tablet PC will run the wonderful Android 2.2 Froyo OS and will feature video calling, HD video playback, e-reader functions and will allow connection to a PC it also has a camera on the back of it, certainly something over the iPad there to take into consideration. If it’s as good as the Galaxy Phone then you’re looking at some serious piece of slate.


Keep your eyes on IFA then(next Wednesday) for all the release details. For the video click this link and enjoy.


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