Samsung Galaxy S5 Specs Leaked

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We are getting close to the launch of the new Samsung Galaxy S5 so it is no surprise that specification leaks are starting to happen. With this being Samsungs flagship phone it comes as no surprise that the specification is pretty ludicrous.

First up is the rumour that it will come in 2 versions, a metal version and a plastic version, which is not doubt will cause more issues with Apple. The premium metal version is rumoured to cost a whopping 800 Euros while the plastic one will be 650 Euros. Apparently the only real difference is that the metal version will have a metal removable back with metal sides and front, which makes the 150 Euro price difference seem a little steep.

The main focus of the phone is the quite frankly insane 5.25in 2,560 x 1,440 pixel display, which will no doubt looks absolutely amazing but will also probably play havoc with your batter life. With a 5in 1080p it is said that you are already beyond the point where individual pixels are visible to the naked eye, but in such a competitive industry this is very much a numbers game.

Next up is the all important yearly processor bump, the exact processor seems to be undetermined but will either be the newly announced Exynos 6 CPU which has 8 cores or it will use the Snapdragon 805 CPU which offers a significant graphics bump compared to the Snapdragon 800 found in the Galaxy Note 3.

So will you be getting the SGS5? Or is the price too much for you?

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